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Description of the Curbside Charger of the SmartTWOTM Family

This clever new design allows a safe installation directly on the curbside, thanks to its retractable cables that hang in the air and not on the sidewalk! This robust charging station can charge 2 EVs simultaneously and although it is almost 12 feet tall, it is also very slim, and will blend into any modern urban decor.

Just like the other charging stations of the SmartTWO family, the Curbside charger is specifically made to resist harsh climate and vandalism; its sturdiness, durability, and access control system are essential elements in an urban environment.

What do we mean by smart charging station?

Connected to the CSNMSTM cloud-based management server developed by AddÉnergie, the stations are part of a network.

This allows owners to remotely manage them, to obtain usage data, to manage the charging rates, to add charging stations based on demand and to enable SmartGrid functions such as the management of the demand charge to avoid being overcharged on their electric bill.



At AddÉnergie, your interests are always a concern for us, and we want to encourage your initiative in sustainable development. Therefore, we offer personalization options for your charging stations so they match the image of your city.

Use this opportunity to show that your city is proud to be at the heart of the electrification of transportation.


How to use a station

        1. Pass your access card in front of the reader.
        2. The charging connector unlocks, allowing you to plug it into your vehicle.
        3. As soon as the connector is plugged into your vehicle, the charging sequence begins.
        4. The station warns you when charging is complete by sending an email to your chosen address.
        5. Upon your return, place the connector back in its designated compartment and close the door.

Technical documents

Here is all the technical information necessary for installing the SmartTWOTM Curbside Charger.
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Which charging station is the right one for you ?

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