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Multi-Residential Solution


Aimed at building managers of multiple residences, condos and housing, AddÉnergie proposes a multi-residential charging solution that will attract a clientele with above-average income, while ensuring that the charging infrastructure will be profitable. The infrastructure integration costs will be minimal, as the infrastructure is added to the electrical systems already in place.


 Some of the advantages for charging station owners

  • Reduce your electricity bill by minimizing the demand charge of your building
  • Set up a fee structure for the charging service based on your reality and your customers
  • Install or add charging stations for a fraction of the price, through the ability to power the charging stations one after another (from a same circuit breaker)
  • Establish service rules for using the charging stations
  • Benefit from a turnkey charging service management from AddÉnergie
  • Access charging station usage data
  • Monitor the status of your charging stations in real time, through our web portal


Some advantages for EV drivers

  • Benefit from 24/7 customer service, thanks to CAA
  • Access your vehicle’s charging usage data through our web portals and mobile applications
  • Use the same access card and mobile applications as the public networks to access the charging stations

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