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A North American leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, AddEnergie is a partner of Canada’s major public networks. In addition to provide infrastructure and networks, AddEnergie also own it’s own Canada-wide FLO Network.


FLO and its partner networks are interoperable; this benefits EV drivers by providing charging coverage across Canada. In addition, FLO’s recent agreement with ChargePoint in the United States opens up charging availabilities for EV drivers across all of North America, on both sides of the border.


Our main Canadian partner networks are:





What is a charging station network?

A charging station network is a group of smart stations connected to a cloud-based centralized management server. This central server is the heart of the network; it contains the management software, database, and communication interfaces. The central server therefore enables the operation of the network and supports the electric vehicle drivers and station owners.



What do network infrastructures include?

Each network possesses its own web portal, giving access to various information about charging station use, as well as various configuration options depending on the type of user. There are three types of users: network operator, station owner, and station user (electric vehicle driver).

Network operators and station owners will be able to better understand their stations’ use by keeping an eye on their stations’ charging session histories, energy transfers, charging durations, and revenue.

As members of a charging station network, station users can access their charging history and payment preferences at any time, and they have the seamless ability to use any and all charging stations within their preferred network.