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NRCan’s Partnership Report – Charging Station Network Management System


Project outcome

The goal of this project was to support the emergence of AddÉnergie, the Canadian leader in charging solutions, and its FLO charging network, with the highest number of charging stations across all segments.

It allowed AddÉnergie to build knowledge and make further technological advances in its area of expertise, increase the number of charging stations in the FLO network, and create permanent jobs.

AddÉnergie is increasingly making its mark as a North-American leader in electric vehicle charging solutions.



Qualitative impacts

• Better market awareness.

• Increased understanding of needs and expectations of EV drivers and charging station owners

• A clarified business model for the operation of network charging stations.

• Improved software solutions to offer more services providing significant added value to EV drivers and charging station owners.


Service and product development and enhancement

• The SmartTWO, CoRe+, SmartDC, FLO Home G5 et FLO Home X5 stations.

• The Charging Station Network Management System (CSNMS).