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Public Solution


Aimed at shops, retailers, commercial centers, cities, municipalities and others, AddÉnergie proposes a public charging solution that allows them to offer charging to all electric vehicle drivers that use one of the charging station networks managed by AddÉnergie.


Here are a few benefits for charging station owners

  • Offer a high value charging service to their clients
  • Show their organization is ahead of the curve in sustainable development
  • Attract electric vehicle drivers
  • Establish the usage rules for charging stations
  • Benefit from a turnkey charging service management from AddÉnergie
  • Access charging station usage data
  • Monitor the status of your charging stations in real time, through our web portal

Discover the many benefits for EV drivers

  • Access to the most important charging networks in Canada
  • Benefit from 24/7 customer service, thanks to CAA
  • Access multiple networks thanks to mobile phone applications for each individual network, designed for smartphones
  • View the location and status of the stations with various tools:
    • Network portals on the Internet
    • Smartphone applications for the networks
    • Built-in navigation systems in electric vehicles (MyFord Touch®, Nissan Carwings, etc.) – linked to various websites
    • Various applications and portals such as Nokia Here, Nestar, Copilote, Smart City, FleetCarma, OpenChargeMap, Powertech’s EV Cloud, etc. – linked to various web sites

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