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Description of the SmartDC Family

The SmartDCTM charging station is specially designed for areas dealing with harsh climate and subject to vandalism. The SmartDC™ is a direct current fast charger (DCFC) of 50 or 100 kilowatts, for commercial and industrial use due to its robustness and reliability. This charging station is also equipped with a power management user interface, with the PowerLimitingTM option, unique to AddÉnergie’s charging solutions, to avoid extra demand charge costs on your electricity bill due to the electric vehicles charging.

Moreover, its capacity to be integrated with AddÉnergie’s networks allows for a complete centralized management of the charging service it provides (customer service, access to usage data, configuration of settings, control over access, fees, energy management, etc.).


Possible Applications

      • Commercial parking owners that wish to offer a charging service for customers who are making a relatively quick stop (30 minutes) in their parking lot.
      • Vehicle fleet managers whose industry requires a quick charge time.
      • Service station and rest stop owners wishing to offer their customers an alternative energy source.


At AddÉnergie, your interests are always a concern for us, and we want to encourage your initiative in sustainable development. Therefore, we offer personalization options for your charging stations so they match the image of your company.

Use this opportunity to show that your company is proud to be at the heart of the electrification of transportation.


Technical Documents

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